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Planets Line Up

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The explanation for the end of the world given by skeptics is as follows: All the planets in alignment will exert its gravitational force on the earth from the same direction. This pull is going to be enough to do one of several things:
   >> Raise the tidal level, creating tidal waves and tsunamis.
   >> Create plate techtonic movements resulting in large earthquakes and volcano eruptions.
   >> Shift the earth out of its orbit thereby moving it to a closer (or further) orbit from the sun, thereby dramatically changing the climate of the earth (scorching it, creating hell on earth, or freezing it, bringing it to another ice age).

I would say with 100% certainty, that none of these things will happen. The combined gravitational force of all these planets is almost nothing compared to the gravitational force exerted by the sun or even the moon. This CNN article states that combined gravitational force (if the planets were perfectly aligned and in their closest orbit to earth) will be enough to raise our tidal level by 1/600th of an inch. This particular planetary alignment will be even lower than that, estimates currently sit at 1/1700th of an inch.


You will not need to prepare for any mass destruction. However, if you like, I would recommend marking down the date and time on your calendar (assuming your calendar isn't affected by the 2038 bug), as it will be a spectacular sight to be able to see all the visible planets and the moon in a cluster in the night sky. It happens every 30-50 years are so, so it really is, a once in a lifetime opportunity (yes I know, its more like twice in a lifetime).

I would also try to befriend an astronomer or at least read up enough to know where (and what) you are supposed to look at, because to the common eye, these planets will look just like any star. is not affliated with any government agency.
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